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Weird and Wacky Yesterday

Yesterday was just plain old weird. Apparently I shouldn't take Mondays off.

Other strange occurrences:
  • I broke my cell phone keypad by getting tears in it while upset and talking on the phone. It sort of works, but the delete key now types a T, the 7 key requires you to press it about 8 times to get it to work, and the phone spontaneously dials a random number every once in a while.

  • I'm standing a few feet away from this 30-something guy at the grocery store, running back over my grocery list to make sure I got everything. He's trying to decide on a beer. As he passes me with the beer he settled on, he says quietly, "You smell really good" and keeps on walking. I am caught so off-guard that I'm unsure of whether he has actually said this, so I suddenly turn into a proper-English haughty southern-belle and blurt--extremely loudly after him--"PARDON ME?!?" He pauses mid-stride, and turns around, saying equally loudly: "I said: You... smell... really... good..." grins, and walks off. I grin and shout a Thanks after him. I actually want to scamper after him and slam him into the Kool-aid rack, smashing my mouth into his, for the SHEER fact that he actually managed to figure out how to impart a sincere, non-hitting-on-me compliment on me successfully by realizing that, if he says it and just keeps walking instead of staying to awkwardly linger and awkwardly converse with me, then it will be clear that he meant it as a compliment and nothing more. But I do not embarrass myself. Nonetheless: way to go, beer man. You need to give lessons.

  • Lyudmila emailed me to tell me she "would like to see that we became good friends and not only":

    Hello my the surprised friend!
    My name Lyudmila and I wish to take away from you at all a lot of time and to penetrate in my letter! My trade the doctor the dentist. I had an ingenious idea to try to find love not in that place where I live namely not in Russia! In me there were such emotions since recent time! I would like to tell to you about it my friend. On my work in the Stomotologichesky Polyclinic I had a chance that I will go on an exchange for practice to other city for me it it was good and not much not on myself because to go to other city on practice! I do not have there friends or even I am simple girlfriends with which I can to spend time and speak cheerfully about problems in mine to a new life.
    But all has exchanged and on an exchange there has gone my colleague which only not for a long time has come to us for work after the termination of Medical university. But the desire to find the acquaintance from other country at me remains on former. I thought of a step as acquaintance to the person from other country much. Once after work I have gone on foot because weather was fine and saw as enamoured steams follow a hand and exchange gentle kisses. I do not have not enough tenderness and the favourite person in the lives and it to me became very clear after this walk. I like to walk sometimes one alone with myself and to think about the lives. I could not find the happiness in my city and till now is lonely. For myself I have resolved to search for the love in other country. Especially I heard much about that that people from other countries are more romantic and are careful concerning relations with women, so to say they have a spark in eyes! I am ready completely to this step and have bought yours e-mail in International Dating Agency. To me have told that you my friend very good lonely person with kind and open heart. I wish to tell about myself directly that to me 32 years and my growth 168 see I live to Russia, city Kanash. I wish to be happy life in the and I have serious sights at this world. At me the big age and is a lot of experience behind shoulders. I am confident that we can to find with you the general a theme of conversation and to learn each other more.
    I hope to see yours the letter my friend about your life. As I to place my foto with the letter and some resume in a file. I very much would like to see yours the letter and to have with you acquaintance.
    I would like to see that we became good friends and not only.
    If you are serious and interested please reply ONLY to my personal e-mail: lyudmilaneedlove@gmail.com
    My letter to you was sent by manager International Dating Agency therefore write on my personals e-mail: lyudmilaneedlove@gmail.com
    Yours new friend Lyudmila.



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