...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Why I Need to Get the Internet at Home, 'Cause I Think the Randomness of My Brain's Thought-Patterns Is Probably Freaking the Folks at Cha-Cha Out


Urgent questions I texted them just last night:

Can a hemorrhoid make your butt feel like it's buzzing?

Are eggs birthed out of a chicken's butt?

What is the name of the book by georges bataille whose title has the word "encyclopedia" in it?

What is the definition of sacrosanct?

An assortment of urgent questions from the past few months:

are clothes with moleskin as a material really made from the skin of moles?

if yeast makes a dough taste soapy/like chemicals, does that mean the yeast is bad?

what does clutch mean when used as slang and an adjective?

what is tarquin?

how much blood is in the human body?

Who was president during world war ii?

which has more calories: moist cat food or dry cat food?

what Etta james album is the song "sunday kind of love" on?

why is coca cola being sued over their vitamin water?

What movies is said taghmaoui in?

did mickey rourke have plastic surgery on his face?



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