...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

More Just a Normal Few Weeks

So as a reward for my kindness (or perhaps as an apology), I was given the gift of a mummified headless squirrel. And then a dude rubbed jelly on my tits and fondled them. And the dude was not N/A. And then someone left a flower on my car. And then I found out it was Bo. And then the new kittens romped around so crazy-cute in the neighbor's yard. And then I texted MOL 'cause sometimes I just want to talk. To anyone, really. And then N/A told me that MOL told him I texted him, but then he had to get off the phone before the rest of the story so his friends wouldn't think he was nice to girls. And then I built block houses with a little girl who gave me her bracelet because she liked me. And then I hated both the blimp and the Greek festival. And then I didn't find Eddie Izzard all that funny and felt bad. And then I was sick with some sort of throat infection, and I thought I sounded sexy and husky when really I probably just sounded like I was gargling throat scabs. And then I didn't get to see Bonnie Prince Billy because of said throat scabs. And then Ms. Mo & I listened to Silver Mt. Zion in a thunderstorm, and the thunder clapped a few seconds before the part in the song where he mentioned "Messy hearts made of thunder." And then I ate a weiner. And right now there is a man standing precariously atop a business building outside my window.

Chronology is irrelevant.



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