...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Things That Make Me Wanna Scream Love Lately

  • Watching people outside from my window-seat at work. Particularly there is a short, slightly pudgy man who bustles to and from his car every day, and he walks as though it's urgent that he get to wherever he's going when really, I know it's not. At all. So it amuses me, watching him jiggle and vibrate hurriedly to and fro, his stubby legs pumping away. There's also a man who walks to lunch every day, and the arc of his silhouette is calming. I'd admired him for a while and wanted to see him close up. So one day, when I realized he was walking towards me, I got all excited. And he was like 20 years older than I expected. And looked nothing like I expected. Which was disappointing but also cool.

  • Silver Mt. Zion. N/A is friends with them, and I think he best never introduce me because I will bed them all simultaneously and it will result in a cosmic explosion of the universe.

    "Please believe in gentle dreams
    The sweetness of people
    Whistling in their sleep"

    Listen to "Mountains Made of Steam" in the dark, staring at the twilight sky, birds pumping their wings in time to the music, and I think it could conceivably destroy you. Such heartbreaking nuances:

  • Sitting out on my roof in the dark. I think there may be nothing more wonderful than this. And I will miss it tremendously if/when I ever move. The city is so quiet at night. And there is something so spatially comforting about the expanse of my roof, the way it opens like a mouth against the neighborhood. And the Mary Poppins silhouettes of nearby houses which are cracked in gray and remind me of London although I've never been there. And the dark that's strangely pixellated and fuzzy. And my cats quietly navigating. And the highway quietly vibrating and humming.




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