...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

"You do something to me, something that simply mystifies me..."

I have a long-standing hatred of Hugh Jackman, ever since I saw Van Helsing which has--ever since--been at the top of my list of Worst Movies of All-Time. (It makes me physically angry even just to think about--you can click on that link right there to read my rant about it if you didn't 5 years ago.)

Couple that with the fact that he strikes me as so annoyingly shaped from the mold of the standard-American-attractive-male (and yes, I know he's not American, but he still stands as iconic in regards to this), and the fire has been fanned to enormous, flamey heights.


while watching, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, there's a moment where he leaned in towards someone in a boxing ring and called them an asshole, and I've got to admit:

In that moment, I felt a stirring in my loins.

It feels so wrong to think and feel this, but I think the men I find most attractive (in a base, gritty, sexual way) are the men who I know--in some way or another--could throw me over their shoulder and kidnap me, drag me off by my hair, pin me down and incapacitate/overpower me, without me being able to do a goddamn thing about it.

And, clearly, Hugh Jackman--with his glowering, glistening embodiment of hyper-masculinity--is a man who could do this.

(Sidenote: He is also a man who is inexplicably sweaty throughout Wolverine, which cracked me up--I mean, I understand the profuse sweat when he's all busting ass on the bad guys. But there's a couple scenes where he's suddenly, and inexplicably, in a tank-top and glistening with huge bulgy muscular slippery sweat, and I just wanted to giggle and be like: MASTURBATION!)

So: Hugh Jackman--I guess ultimately, although you may have won in the stirring of my loins, the fact that you just made me realize this about myself is ultimately just one more reason to dislike you.

Hugh Jackman: 1

Lindy Loo: 7



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