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You Know: Just a Normal Few Weeks

So I thought I had rabies for a little while. And then I thought I had breast cancer for the same little while. And I was like: Ha, a breast cancer/rabies scare in the same week--you TOTALLY need to blog about that because it's too ridiculous NOT to. And then I didn't. And then I talked about poop with a large group of people over beer for at least an hour. And then I called N/A a fucking asshole. And also I think a motherfucking asshole. And then his sister had her baby. And then I ate black quinoa. And then I pooped undigested black quinoa poops for like three days, and it made the poo look like cacti or some sort of sea anemone. And then my scaredy-cat Franny decided she would start laying in my lap as long as I was on a lawn-chair. So that happened for a while. And then my soybeans finally came up. And then I got asked to be a dictator. And now it's just sort of thundering and raining a bit, and I'm gonna go eat some Chinese food and girl-talk with Mo.

How are you?



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