...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...


So: It looks like Outdoor Kitty got a lady-cat knocked up, and now there's two babies frequently romping around in my backyard.

And although it doesn't exactly make me happy to see strays producing more strays, I've still gotta say


I think if I had to be anything else in the universe other than myself, I would want to be a kitten.

Talk about pure joy encapsulated.

I watched one of the kittens wrestle crab-grass in a sidewalk crack for like 30 minutes, and I swear to god: I don't think I've ever seen anyone enjoy anything HALF as much as that kitten did, wrestling that crab-grass.

I think my whole family could've just been gunned down by a lunatic at K-Mart or something, and I STILL would find myself jumping up and down and clapping my hands if you put a bumbly kitten in front of me.

What a life they must have to enjoy every stupid little thing so very much.

Yesterday, I crafted a super-long piece of yarn with a soy-milk tab knotted to the end that I could dangle off my roof to play with the kittens (since their moms doesn't like when people are nearby). It makes me look like I'm cat-fishing, which cracks me up. It also surely makes me look ENTIRELY INSANE.

But hey: I've gotta live up to the nickname that Old Guy Neighbor gave me--"Mama Cat"--you know what I'm saying?

And I think I'm probably close. For sure.



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