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Panty Thief

Hmmm. I think I might be wearing someone else's underwear right now.

When I put them on this morning, I actually DID have a moment's confusion, in which I thought: Oh sweet. I didn't even realize I *HAD* these underwear! But I was in a rush to get to work, so I didn't think much more on it.

But, having had more time to reflect upon it, I think the reason I didn't realize I owned these underwear is 'cause I don't think I *DO* own these underwear.

Which begs the question: Whose underwear ARE they?

I suspect maybe they got mixed in with my drier load when I was doing laundry last week.

But that in turn begs the question: When will the owner of these underwear be doing another load wherein I might be able to "accidentally" mix a few more pairs in with my own?

Because I think I can get over the slight creepiness of the shared vag-space knowing that goddamn are they comfy.



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