...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Things I Did This Weekend

  • Attended the most honest and joyful wedding I've ever been to. (Yay, you guys!)

(Click pic to see more)

  • Attended the portion of a porchfest that didn't involve porches. (Yeah, say THAT three times fast. I dare you.)

  • Rubbed one out on P's brother.

  • Walked home barefoot at 2:30 in the morning after being destroyed at pool.

  • Attempted to share a smoke with a tattooed boy in rain so hard that it made the cigarette completely disintegrate.

  • Got asked by the groom from the aforementioned wedding to play a zombie with him & a bunch of other folks for wedding pictures. (Did I not say it was the best wedding ever?)

  • Got stared at all night by a boy who I don't think realized how completely obvious he was being.

  • Sat out in the rain and watched kittens.

  • Wrote.

  • Read.

  • Rithmeticed.

  • Had a threeway.



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