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Cake is to Phlebotomy as Pwned is to Owned

So I looked up wtf "pwned" means finally, and apparently it's smack-talk for destroying someone or "owning" them, you destroyed them so bad, etc.

But this is my favorite part:

"Pwned" is pronounced "Owned" and "Pwn" is pronounced "Own."


I think we should do this more often with words, the more I think about it:

"Cake" as pronounced "phlebotomy," for example.

On paper, I'd be all, "Bitch, can I have a slice of that cake?"

But outloud, it'd be all, "Bitch, can I have a slice of that phlebotomy?"

Imagine what a mind-fuck that would be. Especially to, say, folks at a poetry reading or something.

Eh?? EHHHHH??!?!

Loving it.



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