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What Up, Insanely Good Mood of the Past Two Weeks?

Made these mixes for one of my friends who just broke up with his girl, but the second one is so good that I'd sort of feel like I was depriving all of you lovelorn folks out there if I didn't share it with the rest of the world.

So enjoy.

This is the "pulling the band-aid off slowly and tortuously" mix, the one you play over and over for like two or three weeks post-breakup to maximize your self-pity and wallowing until your friends can't stand hearing it anymore and you suddenly realize you're being ridiculously pathetic:

Click to listen

This is the "finally just ripping the motherfucking band-aid off with a gasp and a smirk" mix, the one you play once you've wallowed so hardcore that you decide life isn't going to end after all but is, in fact, all spread out new and glorious in front of you and you really need to be out there fondling the SHIT out of it:

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