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Mix-Swap Listening Party Roundup!

So we had our mix-swap listening party this Saturday night, and it was so much fun seeing people get so into the mixes. I had expected that it would kind of just fragment into a regular ol' party peppered with background music from our mixes, but people actually paid attention and were interested in who was singing what and all that kind of shit. So: SQUEE.

And I've been fucking DIGGING on the mixes. Jeebus.

And I keep getting texts from folks saying the same thing. Which makes me feel all kinds of warm-fuzzy n' shit.

Last time I did this thing, there were a few mixes were I was just kind of like Meh. But this time: they're all so varied, and (as Ms. P so accurately blurted on Saturday night) I feel like it's Christmas with each song. What will it be? How much will I love it? Etc. And there's been so much good new shit, it's kind of just making me wanna makeout with all my friends!

Here's the round-up of our mixes (with apologies to Mr. Sabol whose mix I seem to have forgotten to include in the photo):

I'd love to share all the tracklists, but that would take forever.

So here's mine, just to wet your whistle, complete with directions for listening:


Directions for listening:

First half: Barefoot nighttime city-rooftop music. Best listened to with earphones while laying out in the city-quiet on your roof and watching the stars and lights and angles of other city roofs in the distance. These are the ones that either lyrically speak to the nighttime city or whose pop and crackles and nuances necessitate quiet to really and truly hear them as they're meant to be heard. Alternately: these songs could also be soundtracks to city rooftop romance, the entertwined limbs, the fingers brushed against the nape of neck, the lean-in-for-kiss, the thrum of city-love as backdrop, all in the quiet of the dark.

Second half: Lazy Sunday morning music. Best listened to with sun filtering in your windows while you lumber lazily out of bed (with or without last night's lover's limbs stretched out next to you). All boxers and pouchy tank-tops and bare feet in the kitchen while whipping up pancakes from scratch and lover's pecks on the back of the neck and the birds chirping and the sun out and the curtains billowing in muggy breeze and yeah, all that usual shit.

1. Hey...The Pixies
2. Mountains Made of Steam...thee silver mt. zion tra-la-la band
3. You Said Something...PJ Harvey
4. Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)...Arcade Fire
5. Lay & Love...Bonnie "Prince" Billy
6. Sad Pony Guerrilla Girl...Xiu Xiu
7. Don't Smoke in Bed...Nina Simone
8. Thirteen...Elliott Smith
9. Lover, You Should've Come Over...Jeff Buckley
10. After Hours...The Velvet Underground


11. Good Weekend...Art Brut
12. In Our Talons...Bowerbirds
13. Sunday Kind of Love...Etta James
14. Soft...Kings of Leon
15. Anti Love Song...Betty Davis
16. Summer Day...Coconut Records
17. Comfy in Nautica...Panda Bear
18. Bang the Drum...Railroad Jerk
19. Underwear...The Magnetic Fields
20. Time to Pretend...MGMT




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