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Mix-Swap Mix Back Under Control

The problem is that I'm used to working with some sort of limits: either a theme, or a specific person, etc. I just needed something to narrow it 'cause I just kept finding more and more music I wanted to put on it.

So now: it's gonna be a half-&-half.

First half: Barefoot nighttime city-rooftop music. Best listened to with earphones while laying out in the city-quiet on your roof and watching the stars and lights and angles of other city roofs in the distance. These are the ones that either lyrically speak to the nighttime city or whose pop and crackles and nuances necessitate quiet to really and truly hear them as they're meant to be heard. Alternately: these songs could also be soundtracks to city rooftop romance, the entertwined limbs, the fingers brushed against the nape of neck, the lean-in-for-kiss, the thrum of city-love as backdrop, all in the quiet of the dark.

Second half: Lazy Sunday morning music. Best listened to with sun filtering in your windows while you lumber lazily out of bed (with or without last night's lover's limbs stretched out next to you). All boxers and pouchy tank-tops and bare feet in the kitchen while whipping up pancakes from scratch and lover's pecks on the back of the neck and the birds chirping and the sun out and the curtains billowing in muggy breeze and yeah, all that usual shit.

Prepare yourself.



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