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My Newest Five-Minute Crush

So I really wanted to hate Paul Pope after I saw the pic he chose as his author's headshot on the back cover of Heavy Liquid:

I mean, seriously. It looks like it got torn out of a Calvin Klein ad, with the blow-you parted lips and clingy tank. Lametastic.

But then I blazed through Heavy Liquid last night, and I've gotta admit: I really kind of dug it.

I wish I could show you some of the more fantastic artwork, but alas: only the less interesting stuff is on-line of course.

Here are a few covers though:

(Click for bigger version)

My two favorite drawings of the series were one of S kissing Rodan (which was painfully lovely in all its emotional details) and this scene (which sadly PALES in comparison to the full-page version that's IN the actual comic, but I couldn't find a bigger copy of it on-line):

That pic: amazing.

And although I was skeptical about the "junkie-esque" plot, I really kind of dug where it took me. I liked the lack of resolution, the untidy ends, the fact that characters are introduced with great weight and then dip back out, not to be seen again. Oh, and he has strong female characters.

Good stuff. Especially from a pretty boy.

Next up: Escapo



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