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New Neighbor: I Promise We are Not Scary

Some days, Old Guy Neighbor truly cracks my shit up.

Last night: I'm conversing with him from my roof. We've been talking for about 15 minutes or so.

It is relevant to note that when we converse a) I have to talk at the top of my lungs 'cause he's hard of hearing, and b) he talks at the top of his lungs 'cause I don't think he realizes how loud he's talking 'cause of the hard of hearingness... So essentially, this entire conversation is shouted back and forth from my roof to his window.

And... cue:

OLD GUY NEIGHBOR: So did someone move in downstairs yet? [note: he asks this EVERY time I talk to him]

ME: No. Not yet I don't think.

OLD GUY NEIGHBOR: Oh. 'Cause there's someone staring at me from that window. [pointing at downstairs window]

ME: [looking up with surprise] What?

OLD GUY NEIGHBOR: There's someone staring at me from their window. Right there. [pointing again] Oh wait. No. They're gone now.

And our new neighbor is now completely mortified to leave their apartment.




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