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ck by a sudden idea. "What?"

Rk outside, and the rain was being driven in sheets by the wind. "Hello!
hello!" he yelled, and catching up the lantern, he swung it out in one direction and another. Then he saw two forms approaching on the run, each dripping with water. "Ben! And Buster!" "Why, if it isn't Dave!"
"Where in the world did you come from?" "Where is Phil?" demanded our hero. "He is somewhere behind us," answered Buster. "Oh, what a time we've had!" and entering the cabin, the fat youth sank down on a bench all but exhausted. "We've had to tramp for over two miles in this rain,"
explained Ben. "And of course we had to ford to the island. Say, the current is something fierce now! And the water is getting higher every minute!" he added. "Did you say Phil was behind you?" demanded Dave. He still held the lantern on high. "I thought he was--sure, he must be,"
answered Ben. "Give him a hail, will you? I'm too tired," and he sank on the bench beside Buster. "Phil! Phil!" yelled our hero, at the top of his lungs. "This way! This way!" and he swung the lantern to the right and left. "Did you say the river is rising?" demanded Jerry Blutt. "How high is it? Over the White Bar yet?" "Yes, the Bar is a foot under water," answered Ben. "Oh, this is a great storm!" "A foot under water!"
murmured the camp-worker. "Say, we better git out! First thing you know this hull island will be under! An' if thet dam breaks----" "Oh, the dam!" gasped Buster. "I forgot about that! They say it isn't safe at all! That is why all the other camp



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