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9 Out of 10 Americans Apparently Want to Shag Robin Swoboda

Robin Swoboda, some days I am sorry I ever blogged about you here, despite the fact that one of the most frequent google-searches that brings people to my blog is some variation on your name.

Other days, I am not sure whether to be frightened for you or tip my hat at you for the fact that apparently lots of people would like to, um, bone you.

Case in point:

Someone in Cuyahoga falls JUST TODAY googled "I'd love to fuck Robin Swoboda."


And then a week or so ago, someone ELSE googled:

"How big are robin swoboda's breasts."

All of which really are slightly disturbing and make me want to rent you a body-guard.

But I guess this means I should also toss a Kudos in your direction. Despite the soccer-mom garb, CLEARLY you're working it.

You go, girl!

*Doing some crazy soccer-mom snap thing around my head*



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