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This weekend has left me feeling squishy and content about the people in my life right now. Like they're a nice big hearty delicious meal. My peeps = nom. Not that I haven't had nom peeps before, but not in a way that has felt like such a huge and present (ha) presence. I get calls and texts from people regularly, I have people checking in to see how I'm doing, I am regularly out and about with all different folks, I am last-minuting with people. It's yummy.

I also feel very present in my life, like I'm really just living and not letting shit slip by me without embracing it and wrestling it to the ground and then wet-willying it until it starts shrieking and giggling.

It feels good.

I like having friends shout hellos to me from neighboring yards when they get home from work.

I like suddenly realizing that my sister is an adult and watching her talk as that realization dawns on me.

I like getting P to stay out later than midnight.

I like texting people last minute and meeting up with them for a movie, even if the movie does blow.

I like that I can now spontaneously invite neighbors over for dinner.

I like illegally jumping fences at 3am to sneak down to the lake and getting to share the amazing view with someone while beautiful specters of waves crash in on us.

I like having not one but 4 or 5 different people immediately text/tweet/email me to tell me their stove is all mine if I need to use it.

I like late-night conversations about childhood & movie-loves.

I like (and appreciate) knowing that Exes from Yore are actually MAKING the effort and regularly texting me to keep up with how things are going in my life.

I like the physical proximity of friends.

I like being busy busy busy but also occasionally not.

Maybe it's community. Maybe that's what I'm digging on.

I've had friends. But I've not so much had a sense of community. Or the strong sense that a group of people are present for me. And I've been feeling it as of late.

And that: NOM.



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