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Harem Schmarem

Surprise surprise: I'm adding Sufjan Stevens to my harem list. Why has it taken so long for me to recognize his worthiness? I haven't a clue. But seeing him last Thursday, all pretty & bird-haired, well: I think he deserves to be on the regular harem-list and not just the harem list of hair-pettery.

But not only is Sufjan getting added, I'm also adding the trumpet player he's touring with 'cause WHAT THE FUCK?!?! This dude seriously about near stole the show from Sufjan, flipping back and forth from trumpet to French horn to keyboard to pretty much whatever he felt like. But his trumpet playing: GOD. DAMN. Dude has MAD SKILLS. He also seemed to be extremely stoned and had mad-crazy eyes that were wheeling all over the place while he played, but that kind of added to the charm.

So yes: C.J. Camerieri, feel honored, as you are gracing my harem list. If ever you wanna put those lips all over something that isn't brass, call me.



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