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Summer of Awesomeness, Here I Come

So I extended my last day at work from January 16 to June 19, five extra months.

Why did I do this? Actually, initially the only real reason was the sudden realization that scheduling my last day for mid-January meant four months of paid time-off SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF CLEVELAND WINTER. And this gave me frightening visions of this

and this

So when my boss said she wouldn't mind keeping me around a little bit longer to train folks, I leapt at the opportunity, mostly because it seemed wrong that I should be forced to enjoy my four months paid time-off by going stir-crazy in a snowed-in apartment.

But I'm feeling a bit of trepidation at having just locked into the extension, partially because I fear that the move will be misunderstood by others and interpreted as a fear of leaving and of change. (And this, I assure you, is not the case.) And partially (and more importantly) because this means FIVE MORE MOTHERF-ING MONTHS HERE.

But ultimately, the perks of extending my time here have grown since I went to Colorado for the Trauma Touch Seminar and have moved beyond just the weather, and really, they make sense (right? RIGHT??!):

  • My paid time-off will be from late-June through the end of October. And really: is this not THE perfect time of season to have freedom? Cleveland in the springsummerfall. Time-off during Michfest. Lots of opportunities for lazing outdoors. And if I decide to open my own space, I'll be doing so in bright cheery weather instead of in the icy yuck of winter. It will be...

  • This will give me five extra months to get this externship done (which itself is going to take AT LEAST 2.5 months, so must get my butt moving on this one). This will also give me time enough to (hopefully) find a space and a "mentor" to be able to complete the externship.

  • This means five extra months to save up mad cash so that I can a) open my own space? b) do some mad traveling? c) eat nothing but solid gold for 4 months?

    And finally...

  • This means I may be able to accrue some extra leftover vacation time that can be tacked on to my four-months paid time-off and (because I'll be here past the month where raises are implemented) I'll be getting paid more during this time off.

So really, fate is actually on my side with this, and I should really thank my lucky stars.


Yes yes.



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