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My Award is Scrappier Than Yours!

The foxy and delicious Tudor Rosy has bestowed the Honest Scrap Award upon me (not to be confused with the Honest Crap Award), and as such, I feel obligated to abide by the rules of the award. They are as follows:

Once awarded, thank the person that gave it to you, list 10 honest things about yourself on your blog, pass the award on to 7 other bloggers and don't forget to let those 7 bloggers know you've chosen them.

So: Thank you, Ms. Rosy, you divine thing, you.

And here you all go.

Read 'em. Love 'em. Get naked with 'em... if you're into that kind of shit.

  1. Once when I was brushing my teeth, my toothbrush snapped in two and the episode somehow ended with me jamming the spike of the toothbrush handle into my ear. That event marked the start of this blog.

  2. I currently feed 6 cats, only two of which live with me.

  3. Although I'm not at all religious, I am stupidly superstitious. And ever since playing Ouija I've developed a slight fear of being around fedoras. (But I am also secretly pleased that I can now say I have cocklaphobia (which is a fear of hats, not cocks--so please: bring on the cocks).)

  4. Once when I was little and my best friend's parents were driving us home from somewhere, I pretended I was sleeping because my best friend had fallen asleep, and I overheard her parents (who thought I was sleeping) say that I was a weird child. I don't think I'd realized I was weird up until I heard them say it, and I've pretty much had a bit of a complex about my weirdness ever since.

  5. I kissed a boy this weekend near a putt-putt course that is--weirdly enough--on the grounds of an old haunted mental institution. And it was nice.

  6. I secretly like getting cuts because then I get to put peroxide on them and watch them bubble and make sizzle noises.

  7. About 40% of my wardrobe hasn't been washed in a couple years.

  8. I don't have the internet at home.

  9. I really really miss being in grad school.

  10. I've enjoyed taking part in spontaneous bare-knuckle boxing matches with every boy I've dated.

In turn, I bestow the award on the following folks (don't feel obligated to follow-up unless you want; just feel the lurve! FEEL THE LURVE!):










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