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Note to Self: You Complete Me

I feel half-heartedly bad right now because, as the world seems to be crumbling around me... break-ups, layoffs, people driving their cars on top of other people's cars... I've just been feeling really fucking happy. Like: smiling stupid-dumb happy.

I've said it before, but I say it again because enough time has passed that it won't sound like break-up backlash this time around, but I seriously feel SO MUCH HAPPIER when I'm not in a relationship with somebody.

And I don't mean that in a mean way. But seriously.

Not to say that I don't miss snuggling up in bed with someone. Or waking up to someone. Or having someone I can always depend on for a shag. Or kissing someone. Or the feel of warm skin against my own. Or putting my lips close to someone's ear. Or sleeping with legs tangled. Etc. etc.

And not that I'm swearing relationships off or don't want one ever again.

But I've really just been feeling so goddamn good this past month.

It's just so nice to be able to do whatever the fuck I want whenever I want and not feel accountable to anyone. And I'm so much more constructive and active when I'm not on-call for someone or arranging my plans around somebody else. I'm getting shit DONE. And I seriously seem to have ENDLESS plans nowadays. I can't remember the last weekend that I didn't have plans both nights, if not on Sunday as well. And I've been meeting so many amazing people, and sadly, that probably wouldn't've happened if I was dating someone. And I've been getting to spend more time with the amazing people I already know. And I've been finding myself in weird and delightful little adventures with folks. And not getting enough sleep. And staying up 'til ungodly hours. And loving. And friending. And doing. And being. And living. And...

Well. Really. I'm just goddamn fucking thankful.

That's what I mean to say.

*And thanks to all of you who've been contributing to the loving and friending and doing and being and living. Nuzzling my nipple up against you in appreciation.



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