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My MMs in Recap

(in no particular order)

Got my master's in English/creative writing.

Became a (very happy) cat lady.

Spent 3+ weeks driving cross country and camping.

Ended an 8 year relationship.

Shagged a 6'6" mountain climber.

Went vegan.

Swam in the Pacific (and it was bloody cold).

Taught freshman English at Ohio University.

Started Cleveland Veganz.

Got licensed for massage therapy.

Spent 8+ years at a job I hate.

Met a ton of amazing people.

Fell deeply in love.

Stopped talking to my father.

Got my picture taken with Marilyn Burns (the female lead in the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre).

Saw the Strokes play in Chicago before they got super popular.

Moved out of the suburbs to Tremont and stopped hating Cleveland.

Took an ex on an amazing wine tour of the Appalachian areas of Ohio.

Got a tattoo in Boulder, Colorado.

Got four other tattoos elsewhere.

Was onThat's Life with Robin Swoboda.

Was in a music video.

Found a lump.

Saw Tom Waits in concert.

Made a bunch of friends through the wonderful world of blogs.

Spent time topless in the Michigan woods 4 out of 10 summers.

Started a vegan food blog that now gets 350 to 500 visitors a day.

Got a piece (that I now hate) published in a journal of erotica.

Camped in the Rocky Mountains.

Ended another relationship.

Got old.



Anonymous bo said...

I'm glad to have been here for some of it.

This decade? One of us is undergoing gender-reconstructive surgery.


3:51 PM


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