...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Things That Make My Heart Go Squish This Week

Snow. Snow. Snow.
Laughing really hard with the friend sleeping on your floor about the time they awkwardly hit on you.
Trekking lazily down to the coffeeshop in clunky boots on a snowy morning instead of having to be at work.
Making mixes.
The intimacy and surprise of overhearing your name being remembered and bandied about in conversation by someone you only just met.
Nerdtastically blathering about movies with a fellow movie geek.
Eating lasagna in bed.
The kitten suddenly appearing on the roof of an old garage in the blustering snow at 3am 'cause she hears you shaking some food in a bowl.
Only having to walk two houses down at 3am to get home after a party at your friend's house.
All-day pajamas.
The cottony sound of boots in snow.
Thai food during a whiteout.
Touching the knot on your forehead that you got when you accidentally headbutted your kitchen table.
Baking lasagna in the middle of the day.
Pool. Pool. Pool.
Listening to people talk about you while you're in the bathroom at a party.
Two of your guy friends having transformed into super-huge cat nerds.
The skyline vanishing 'cause of the snow.
Finally being able to post something from home.



Anonymous bo said...


2:41 PM

Anonymous mo said...

Would you add the taste of "Melt" after a 2 1/2 hour wait? ;)

10:17 AM

Anonymous Suz said...

I love your lists. I think I'm going to have to write my own since I'm too lazy/tired/unoriginal/distracted to write a real blog post these days...

[And if you really had Melt after 2.5 hours of waiting, you should definitely add it. I love how by the time I eat dinner there, I'm usually completely wasted. It makes for a fantastic evening.]

2:10 PM


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