...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Can I just tell you how much I love this song. I've been trying so hard to resist liking this band, I have no idea why, other than the fact that I hate the name they picked for the band. I mean, Phoenix? Come on. It reminds me of college logos. And every up and coming new small business company. And high school and "Even amongst fierce flames the golden lotus can be planted" and Sylvia Plath and angst, all of which really is kind of misguided in the first place so I'm not sure WHY IT ANNOYS ME SO MUCH. (Plus, I still like Sylvia Plath, so meh.) But it does. And ever since hearing "Long-Distance Call" I've been like, Lindy Loo: RESIST. But fuck it. Their shit is really effing catchy. And I cannot control what these ears be liking.

And yes: what the fuck is Lisztomania ANYWAYS?!?!*

*Ok. I of course totally looked this up because as soon as I said it, I was like: maybe it's some weird phenomenon like Tourette's or synesthesia in which case I would retract all I've said and embrace them for liking weird phenomenon just like me, but this is what it is:

Lisztomania is a 1975 progressive rock soundtrack album by Rick Wakeman to the movie of the same name.

Lisztomania is a 1975 film by Ken Russell, drawn from a biography of Franz Liszt.

Which really doesn't do anything for me.

But I forgive you, Phoenix. Just cuz I cannot get this song out of my head. Props.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Ken Russell movie was about the phenomenon that was Franz Liszt, who was adulated and lived like a rock star.

9:03 AM


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