...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

Favs of the Past Decade*

Radiohead--Kid A**

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

MGMT--Oracular Spectacular

Arcade Fire--Funeral

Ghost Dog***

Aimee Bender's Willful Creatures

The Dirty Projectors--Bitte Orca

Feist--The Reminder****

The Dark Knight

Joanna Newsom--The Milk-Eyed Mender


The Strokes--Is This It

Modest Mouse--The Moon & Antarctica

The Wire

Mark Z. Danielewski's House of Leaves

The Strokes--First Impressions of the Earth

The Royal Tenenbaums

Donnie Darko

Tim Wise's White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son

Kate Nash--Made of Bricks****

The Piano Teacher

Kings of Leon

There Will Be Blood

Six Feet Under


Chuck Palahniuk's Rant: An Oral Biography of Buster Casey

Pan's Labyrinth

Mirah--You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This


Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food

The Moldy Peaches--The Moldy Peaches

The Postal Service--Give Up****

Lost in Translation

Thom Yorke--The Eraser

Matt Groening's Will & Abe's Guide to the Universe

Kill Bill

Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis

Regina Spektor--Soviet Kitsch

Arrested Development

Let the Right One In

Ryan Adams--Heartbreaker

Peter Singer's The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter

Half Nelson

Silver Mt. Zion

Punchdrunk Love

Sufjan Stevens--Illinois

Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Veganomicon


Wilco--Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

No Country for Old Men

*Re: music--I'm bad and tend not to listen to people's music as albums. Such is the curse of the internet. So if there isn't an album listed with a band above, it means that I'm just glad this band came to exist in the world of Lindy Loo in the past 10 years.

**I remember actually stopping what I was doing to sit down and listen to this album the whole way through with my boyfriend at the time. You could hear a pin drop.

***I only just realized this was actually made in the last decade.

****Suck it. These albums bring me joy in some form or another. They may not be amazingly original and I know it's a hipster-crime to say I like them, BUT I DO.



Anonymous mo said...

Hipsters are temporary and shallow and you are sharpie permanent and deep!

Many of these decade favorites ring true in my heart-good collection mama!

12:23 PM

Anonymous Suz said...

Great list! I love so many of your favorites.

2:03 PM


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