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Oh, Urban Dictionary! It's Like You're Writing My Biography!

[Favorite excerpts from the Urbandictionary definition(s) for my first name]

Lauren Is a name of which it means perfection and totally awesome And can relate to terms of awesomeness and a total cow sometimes

greatest living person alive

a term for a female who can't make hot chocolates properly.

only girls who have Sexy wavy hair, cute freckles, a sweet butt and give the best hugs are named this.

2.)An expert in bed, gives good head.

Drives a Gay ass Rabbit


massive tits but a total slag takes pictures of herself naked and likes beating up boys

normally very hairy, like a man, including under arm stubble that ceases to vanish even right after a thourough shave, a mind boggling moustache, jungle like crotch area, and when the legs graze any part of the body, you feel as though you have been violated by a wildabeast/caribou.

Usually a racist, heartless, cold, soulless girl who all the asians like but she neglects and hurts. The asians are all affectionate towards Lauren. She is bitch.

anything you can think of.

A cat-like girl, or a cat who has been turned into a human being.*

*This explains SO MUCH.



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