...Not the kind of wheel you fall asleep at...

New Summer of Fuck-It Recap

  • Went to the beach. Again.

  • Got burnt. Again.

  • Saw Inception. Again.

  • Rode on a motorcycle.

  • Had a boy leave me flowers on my stoop.

  • Finally got to meet a kick-ass straight-edge Atlanta boy from the 'nets and then whupped his ass at pool.

  • Listened to this song about 9700 times:


  • Gorged on vegan philly cheezsteaks, vegan ice cream, and vegan Happy Dog hotdogs, all on different days and with different people.

  • Got a rug burn on my elbow.

  • Swam under the Brandywine falls in my bra.

  • Saw dinosaurs in their (almost) natural habitat.



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