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My Labor Day Weekend: A Redux

  • Spent two days camping with BDC's family 'cause the boy was actually eager & excited for them to meet me and vice versa. (Quite possibly the first time that's ever been the case, actually and sadly.)

  • Played a crazy canoe game while canoeing.

  • Got a blister from my shoddy canoeing.

  • Finally played the infamous LCR.

  • Got to see the extremely vibrant Milky Way and a couple shooting stars in a crystal clear PA sky in the autumn cold with a boy's arms wrapped around me.

  • Ate camper pies. Sort of.

  • Had a lengthy philosophical discussion late at night under the stars until the campfire burnt down all the way and we gave in to our tiredness.

  • Drank beer in a canoe.

  • Drank beer around the campfire.

  • Drank beer in the middle of the day.

  • Drank a helluva lot of beer.

  • Played with a bunch of children.

  • Went 3 days without showering.

  • Built up nearly three days' worth of campfire stink.

  • Watched two guys spend an hour (successfully) making torches out of forest sticks, underpants, and lard.

  • Laughed the hardest I have in a good long time.

  • Figured out where BDC gets his ability to fall asleep anywhere (including on top of me).

  • Got hazed in the form of a Jungle Breakfast hunt.

  • Won money gambling in Tripoley.

  • Helped cook vegan beer waffles over a campfire.

  • Slept outside on the cabin porch with the world's highest air mattress and a boy who stole all the covers and smushed me into the wall but kept me warm with his own body heat and woke me up with redbearded grins and kisses.

  • Listened to a lot of chili-induced farts.



Blogger Tudor Rose said...

This is one of those posts where I feel blogs need a "Like" button. So, uh, Like.

5:28 PM

Blogger SnogAsh said...

Agree with Tudor. This makes me feel all squishy on the inside.

8:50 PM

Blogger mo said...

HUGE. smile. =)))))))))

this is what you have deserved. and more.

keep writing-you got poetry going on!

9:03 PM

Blogger Fin said...

I love memory lists - and this was a great read :)

I agree with mo - this could totally be poetry!

6:21 PM


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