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33 in Recap

My birthday continues to inch ever closer. But hopefully lucky 33 will turn into an even luckier 34.

What I've done this year...

Started my own business.

Ended a job of over 8 years.

Was part of a group costume for halloween.

Had sexual relations out on my roof.

Stopped getting up at 5:30am and started getting up at 9:30am.

Played ridiculous amounts of pool.

Had VegNews magazine choose my vegan blog as one of their favorites.

Started a freelance job providing massage for HIV+ folks.

Rode on a motorcycle.

Went to court and won.

Got two new tattoos, one of which continues to be a secret to everyone who's not had reason to be looking between my thighs. This is not that one, obviously-->

Hung out with a fellow (ATL) vegan who happened to be in Cleveland.

Skinny dipped in Lake Erie.

Stopped blogging. For the most part.

Worked as a freelance editor/writer updating an Encyclopedia of Cities. Got to update Cleveland's entry.

Read all of the Walking Dead series to date.

Went to Chicago.

Went to NYC.

Bring on 34.



Blogger Melissa said...

sounds like an f-ing great year to me. happy next trip around the sun

12:15 PM


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