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Things That Amaze Me About the Human Body (Excluding Things Like Consciousness, Existence, The Brain, Etc. Because Duh)

  • That the heart has its own electrical system and is self-starting. How beautiful and metaphorical is that?

  • That the pupil is essentially the asshole of the face. An eye-anus, one might say. Think about it.

  • That essentially we already ARE superheroes. We have the ability to transcend the temporal realm in moments of high stress, like during a car accident, where the brain somehow unravels the structure of time so that we can experience everything at a slower pace, giving us more time to analyze and react. (If only it did that in other useful situations, like when you're trying to think of a comeback to something assholey somebody says to you. That would be a kinda sweet and Six Million-Dollar-Man-like moment. Even moreso if both car accidents and bad-ass time-transcending comebacks were accompanied by the following sound effect: ABILITY-TO-TRANSCEND-THE-TEMPORAL-REALM-IN-ORDER-TO-THINK-OF-A-GOOD-COMEBACK SOUND-CLIP.)

  • The way that live music thunders up into your ribs, vibrating them and tingling your heart and lungs, and making your whole chest feel tympanic. I think the physiological term for it is "bone-shakery," and it's terribly sneaky and sensual.

  • Sight.

  • That the brain has a system of nerve cells to keep us from feeling. Their job is to essentially keep us from being constantly bombarded by sensations that are constantly present to us, so that we don't spend the day thinking about things like how our underpants feel.

  • That probably the inside of our nose smells like something, but since we adapt to a smell within seconds, until we no longer notice the smell of that something in our presence, we'll never know what it smells like. *Devastation*

  • And most of all: that the body has its untouchable mysteries that we'll probably (hopefully) never be able to reduce to science, such as why a certain song can make us feel crazy-love fiery energy inside us (but not someone else) or why the way the paint moves itself along a canvas can make our heart break.



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