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How I Became a Library Hussy

So as anyone who knows me is aware: I am a book slut. I read like a crazed person.

And as this blog has documented in the past, apparently I am also a library hussy.

And so it is that the saga continues.

First it was The Dostoevsky-Loving Lawyer. Then it was The Awkward DVD Conversationalist.

And apparently the come-ons are becoming increasingly blunter each time, as this past week, no actual conversation (book-relatedly or not) was even exchanged.

Cute boy held door open for me.

I walked through opened door.

Cute boy stood in the doorway and shouted after me "Can I have your number??"

I don't think I'd find it quite so amusing and worth documenting if it was happening anywhere else. But there is just something so funny and nerdy to me about the fact that the only time I ever really seem to get hit on is at the library.

And given the deterioration of all social decorum in the progression of these library come-ons, I can only assume the next time this goes down, I will just be thrown up against the circulation desk or a stack of magazines and dude will have his dirty, nasty, book-loving (*fanning self*) way with me.

So the question remains: will it be the circulation desk or the stack of magazines that we defile with our sweet sweet library love?

Stay tuned for next week's episode of As the Library Turns to find out...



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