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You Can Play Doctor on Me ANYtime, Edelstein

I can deny my feelings no longer. Lisa Edelstein MUST be added to my harem list. Every time I watch House, I think about what a divinely beautiful woman she is. I mean, check her out here in minimal makeup and modest clothing and it makes me pretty much wanna stare at her all day:

But then factor in that killer body of hers and... sweet jesus. Every time she leans over on House, I turn into a drooling leering man-woman. I've never been a girl for business attire, but to see all that wool and cotton pulling taut over her divine curves as she va-va-vooms from one hospital room to another or leans in to lecture House, well, it kind of makes me want to bend her over my couch and bounce dimes off her sweet sweet ass. Is that wrong? If so, lemme attempt to redeem myself slightly by saying I'm also smitten with the fact that she plays such a strong female lead on HOUSE and has one of THE most ridiculous laughs in real life.





Anonymous mo said...

this just made me feel warm. really, really warm. ;)

4:17 PM

Blogger Tudor Rose said...

Bitch, step off: Lisa Cuddy is mine

8:49 PM


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